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Research that Reaches Out 

Integrating Research and Service - Mercer University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Mercer University is pleased to announce our Research that Reaches Out initiative, which will begin in fall 2015.  The initiative is specifically designed to equip students in our traditional residential undergraduate program with the skills required to engage in sophisticated research aimed at solving real problems facing humankind.  The guiding goals are to (1) Enhance student learning through service-focused research and (2) Foster a culture of civic engagement through scholarship and service.  We believe that the successful implementation of this plan will help us achieve our ultimate aim: to inspire students to use their gifts and talents to live lives of meaning and purpose.

The full QEP document is available as a downloadable pdf.

Want to learn what Research That Reaches Out is all about? The links to the left and throughout this site communicate important information about the initiative and its role, not only in our reaffirmation of accreditation process, but also in shaping the work of the University.