QEP Contacts

Research that Reaches Out (QEP) Office

Dr. Bridget G. Trogden, QEP Director

QEP Office Staff

Dr.  Trogden has worked at Mercer since 2005, and has served as QEP Director since May 2014.  She also holds the appointment of Associate Professor of Chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts. In addition to teaching chemistry, she regularly teaches in the interdisciplinary general education program (INT 101), is co-Director of the Service Track of the University Honors Program, and conducts research with undergraduate students.

Contact: trogden_bg@mercer.edu; 478-301-2753; Newton Hall 115


Ms. Judy Wilbanks, QEP Associate Director

QEP Office Staff

Judy joined the office in July 2015. She earned both a bachelor's degree (business administration) and a master's degree (higher education leadership) from Mercer.  As QEP Associate Director, she helps to guide the implementation of Research that Reaches Out. 

Contact: wilbanks_ja@mercer.edu; 478-301-2887; Newton Hall 114


On-campus Connections

In order to carry out our Research that Reaches Out goals, the QEP office overlaps and regularly interacts with: