Social Responsibility 15to16

Social Responsibility - Grand Challenge for Academic Year 2015-2016

Curricular Content

What types of books, articles, films, etc. connect my disciplinary or general education courses to Social ReLibrary graphicsponsibility?

Tarver Library site: A database of various various texts and media, intended as a resource for faculty to incorporate the Social Responsibility theme into their courses, or for students to encounter additional topics.

Programming Calendar

What types of events can I attend to engage with the topic of Social Responsibility?

The following are on-campus events related to the Grand Challenge theme of Social Responsibility. 

Spring 2016 Programming Calendar

(Do you have an event that should be included, or are you interested in planning one for the spring 2016 semester?  Contact QEP Associate Director Judy Wilbanks.

Fall 2015 Programming Calendar

What does a socially responsible person do, and how does this connect with Mercer's mission?

A module for UNV 101 courses helps to facilitate class discussion around this area.

UNV 101 Module


Visionary Student Panel & Projects Initiative

How can I share my ideas with others?

As part of the Grand Challenges programming, Mercer has established a Visionary Student Panel  event each fall semester in which students, student groups, and members of student campus organizations can participate and present proposals for exploring local, national, or global issues/problems tied directly to the Grand Challenge topics.

The Panel is a way of making student work public for the entire campus to consider, rather than remaining isolated within the classroom or campus organization setting.

For the 2015-2016 Social Responsibility-themed Visionary Student Panel, the following issues are posed to the Mercer student body:

  1. How can we live in more environmentally sustainable ways?
  2. How can social media be utilized to combat bias and communicate accurate information?
  3. How can we help disrupt poverty cycles in a variety of areas?