Building Our Program

Informational Pages - What does Research that Reaches Out mean for me?

Faculty & Staff Guide (Macon traditional undergraduate programs)

Information for those faculty and staff who work with students in the Macon traditional undergraduate programs (College of Liberal Arts, Stetson School of Business and Economics, School of Engineering, Tift College of Education, Townsend School of Music, College of Health Professions).


Most of the connections to Research that Reaches Out will be made through courses and work performed directly with faculty.  This page is an overview of opportunities that students can seek out.

University-level Guide (for all faculty, staff, and students)

Our target population for assessment of Research that Reaches Out is the Macon traditional undergraduate student population.  However, integrating research and service is a University priority.  This page highlights areas where the entire University can engage.

Marketing Materials

We wish to establish our Research that Reaches Out program as a model for integrating research and service in higher education.  We have established a series of Logos and Templates to label our work and highlight it whenever possible.

Guiding resources for Research that Reaches Out

The following resources were important for creating our plans for Research that Reaches Out, and are good guiding resources as we move forward with the implementation.