Faculty Development, 2015-2016

Several colleagues have asked: "I don't currently have a Research that Reaches Out project, but I have some ideas.  How do I get started?"

Ultimately, Research that Reaches Out is intended to engage our students in addressing local, national, or global problems/issues, and we will track our work toward addressing our student learning outcomes and programmatic outcomes.

As an academic community, we will work together in 2015-2016 to plan a variety of Explore-level (students "acting") and Express-level (students "creating") projects. Faculty development opportunities and details can be found in the links below. 

Kick-off Workshop

August, 11 2015 - 9 a.m. to noon in the President's Dining Room in the University Center.  

All faculty (at all levels) who teach our Macon traditional undergraduate students should attend.  The workshop serves as an acquaintance/re-acquaintance with how Research that Reaches Out is implemented, and previews the opportunities (workshops, discussion, supported travel, project support, etc.) for connecting our faculty roles to Research that Reaches Out.

Semester Workshops

Topical workshops on integrating research and service, held throughout the year.

Affinity Groups

Interdisciplinary faculty learning communities to facilitate integration of research and service University-wide.


Supported travel for small groups of faculty to off-campus conferences and workshops for continued faculty development.

Syllabus Development

An extended syllabus development workshop will be held in May 2016.