Kick-off Workshop F15

A kick-off workshop to Research that Reaches Out was held August, 11 2015 from 9 a.m. to noon in the President's Dining Room in the University Center.  

Copies of handouts and slides and follow-ups are below.

Part I of the workshop - Acquainting and Reacquainting with Research that Reaches Out

  1. What Research that Reaches Out is and is not
  2. Important Definitions (also available on the Faculty/Staff Guide)
  3. Differences in Volunteerism, Service-learning, and Research that Reaches Out
  4. Additional resources available in the Faculty Guide to Service-Learning
  5. Models of Collaborative Research with Undergraduate Students
  6. How does Research that Reaches Out connect to my faculty work?

Copy of slides

Copy of Handout 1 - 1-page list of goals and outcomes; Copy of Handout 2 - strategy sheet for planning a project

Part II of the workshop - What do Research that Reaches Out projects look like?

We went through a series of interdisciplinary case studies, thinking through how those connect to student learning outcomes and to different roles in teaching, scholarship, and advising of student groups.

Copy of case studies

Based upon our discussions, faculty were also given the chance to sign up for an affinity group to discuss opportunities to integrate research and service in a variety of topical areas.  Affinity groups will be a portion of our continuing faculty development this year, and the Affinity Group link has the information and response sheets.

Part III of the workshop - Resources

Preview of this year's activities:

  • Faculty Development
  • Project Support
  • Grand Challenges

See the Resources link, as the program will be run from there.