Funding Opportunities

We have established four funding mechanisms to support Research that Reaches Out projects that integrate research and service.

Semester Project Support

Any Mercer employee who works directly with Macon traditional undergraduate students and who has plans to impact their learning at the Explore or Express levels can apply. 

Summer Student Research Program

Those interested in conducting summer projects with Macon traditional undergraduate students should apply through this program. 

Conference Funding for Professional Development

Those interested in attending conferences for professional development that align with the goals of Research that Reaches Out can apply for funding. We especially look for ways conference attendees can bring information back to the Mercer community. Applications for funding for the 2017-2018 academic year are no longer being accepted. We are accepting applications for the 18-19 academic year.

Visionary Student Panel & Projects Initiative

Students, student groups, and student organizations should look for funding of their project ideas through the Visionary Student Panel & Projects Initiative.