University-level Guide

Information on Research that Reaches Out

For Faculty & Staff & Students - in graduate programs and programs other than Macon traditional undergraduate

The emphasis on integrating research and service is not just for Macon traditional undergraduates and for SACSCOC purposes; it is an institution-wide initiative that connects directly to University strategic planning goals 3, 5, and 8.

Although we have developed the QEP to address the unique educational needs and opportunities for our traditional undergraduate students in Macon (and will be tracking and assessing those cohorts), the integration of research and service is much broader.

In spring 2015 conversations with the faculty at large, we have identified 3 areas where Research that Reaches Out can connect beyond our Macon undergraduate population:

  • Connect the entire University to Grand Challenges. We include non-Macon faculty/staff on the Grand Challenges subcommittee and plan at least a couple of events each year at non-Macon locations.
  • Connect colleagues across the University via Affinity Groups. These cross-disciplinary areas help us to connect our interests with other colleagues to coordinate and bring about larger collective impact.
  • Include all faculty in discussions of the Boyer model, and what scholarship of engagement means.  The first discussion on this topic was held October 2015, and all faculty in the University were invited to participate in the workshops.  We are continuing these important discussions of faculty engagement and scholarship across the University over the next few years.


We aim that the entire University is able to benefit from an enhanced learning environment made possible by the integration of research and service.